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AWS Cloud Builders – Career Transformation & Personal Growth

Long-time readers of this blog know that I firmly believe in the power of education to improve lives. AWS Training and Certification equips people and organizations around the world with cloud computing education to build and validate cloud computing skills. With demand for cloud skills and experience at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to get started.

On the training side you have a multitude of options for classroom and digital training, including offerings from AWS Training Partners. After you have been trained and have gained some experience, you can prepare for, schedule, and earn one or more of the eleven AWS Certifications.

I encourage you to spend some time watching our new AWS Cloud Builder Career Stories videos. In these videos you will hear some AWS Training and Certification success stories:

  • Uri Parush became a Serverless Architect and rode a wave of innovation.
  • David Webster became an AWS Technical Practice Lead after dreaming of becoming an inventor.
  • Karolina Boboli retrained as a Cloud Architect after a career as an accountant.
  • Florian Clanet reminisces about putting his first application into service and how it reminded him of designing lighting for a high school play.
  • Veliswa Boya trained for her AWS Certification and became the first female AWS Developer Advocate in Africa.
  • Karen Tovmasyan wrote his first book about cloud and remembered his first boxing match.
  • Sara Alasfoor built her first AWS data analytics solution and learned that she could tackle any obstacle.
  • Bruno Amaro Almedia was happy to be thanked for publishing his first article about AWS after earning twelve AWS certifications.
  • Nicola Racco was terrified and exhilarated when he released his first serverless project.

I hope that you enjoy the stories, and that they inspire you to embark on a learning journey of your own!


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