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AWS Launches, Previews, and Pre-Announcements at re:Invent 2018 – Monday Night Live

As promised in Welcome to AWS re:Invent 2018, here’s a summary of the launches, previews, and pre-announcements from Monday Night Live!

Here are detailed blog posts & whats new pages for tonight’s launches:

P3dn Instances
The upcoming p3dn.24xlarge instances will feature 100 Gbps network bandwidth, local NVMe storage, and eight of the latest NVIDIA TESLA v100 GPUs (a total of 256 GB of GPU memory). With 2x the GPU memory and 1.5x as many vCPUs as p3.16xlarge instances, these instances will allow you to explore bigger and more complex deep learning algorithms, render 3D images, transcode video in real time, model financial risks, and much more.

Elastic Fabric Adapter
This is a new network interface for EC2 instances. It is designed to support High Performance Computing (HPC) AWS workloads that need lots of inter-node communication: computational fluid dynamics, weather modeling, reservoir simulation, and the like. EFA will support the industry-standard Message Passing Interface (MPI) so that you can bring your existing HPC applications to AWS without changing any code. Sign up for the preview.

AWS IoT Events
This service monitors IoT sensors at scale, looking for anomalies, trends, and patterns that can indicate a systemic failure, production slowdown, or a change in operation. It triggers pre-defined actions and generates alerts to on-site teams when something is amiss. Sign up for the preview.

AWS IoT SiteWise
This service helps our industrial customers to collect, structure, and search thousands of sensor data streams across multiple facilities. An on-premises gateway device collects data from OPC-UA servers and forwards it to AWS for further processing. The data can be used to build visual representations of production lines and processes, and is used in conjunction with AWS IoT Analytics to forecast trends. Sign up for the preview.

AWS IoT Things Graph
This service will make it even easier for you to rapidly build IoT applications for edge gateways that run AWS IoT Greengrass. You will be able to connect devices and web services, even if the devices are from a variety of vendors and speak different protocols. Sign up for the preview.

Stay Tuned
I am looking forward to writing about each of these services when they are ready to launch, so stay tuned!


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