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Fully Managed Apache Kafka and Apache Flink | @KubeSUMMIT @EventadorLabs #Kafka #Apache #Serverless #Kubernetes

As Apache Kafka has become increasingly ubiquitous in enterprise environments, it has become the defacto backbone of real-time data infrastructures. But as streaming clusters grow, integrating with various internal and external data sources has become increasingly challenging. Inspection, routing, aggregation, data capture, and management have all become time-consuming, expensive, poorly performing, or all of the above. Elements erases this burden by allowing customers to easily deploy fully managed discrete plug-ins that make streaming infrastructures a true hub for democratizing data across the enterprise. Eventador Elements provides unprecedented simplicity with the ability to eliminate any worry about the underlying infrastructure, configuration or management—it is all handled and managed by Eventador in a true cloud-native fashion.

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Source: DevOps Journal

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