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Reinventing Talent Acquisition DevOps Style | @DevOpsSUMMIT @SamuelDevOps #DevOps #Serverless #Docker #Kubernetes

Just as brilliant drummers have their pick of bands, top cloud-native developers and project managers can be choosy about their employers. They’re the rock stars of the business and they know it. If you’re not a “destination company” like Amazon, Facebook or Google, how do you entice top talent to work for you? And if you’re being wooed, what are the tip-offs that you’ll be valued?

We’ve been asking ourselves the same questions, and in this talk I’ll share an approach that’s working. Your company can become more of a destination company in today’s “seller’s market” by applying a DevOps mindset to the way you recruit, hire, onboard and retain talent.

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Source: DevOps Journal

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